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3 everyday inspirations for great graphic design

3 everyday inspirations for great graphic design

I love my job with its crazy deadlines and countless chances to transform ‘thoughts’ into ‘things’. I thrive on the therapeutic ‘just rightness’ of styling up a massive document so that everything aligns. I also live for the free form creativity of designing an absolutely ‘out there’ logo. There is no bigger buzz in the life of this Brisbane graphic designer than opening and email that says, “The design is above and beyond what I could even imagine was possible. I am stunned. I am seriously lost for words, it is fantastic.” Reflecting on my ‘job that’s not a job’ got me thinking about how everyday things influence the way I work.

Here are three good things I do every day to keep my graphic design neurons firing:

Eat an eclectic breakfast

Breakfast is my ‘must have’ morning indulgence. It has to be mostly healthy, completely delicious and include my favourite forbidden food. Think fried eggs and bacon stacked on baby spinach piled on avocado toast.

Design insight   Be ‘consistently surprising’ and deliver substance and style. Don’t shy away from the odd eyebrow-raising ingredient if it’s a fine fit and ups the wow factor.

Gourmet gecko fact – Geckos live entirely on live insects. A main course of crickets followed by fruit flies for dessert does them very nicely. They never ever eat their vegetables.

Practice random acts of appreciation

I stay open to accidental inspiration by ‘browsing’ magazines, menus, street typography and forensically examining random packages.

Design insight Creativity happens everywhere. Inspiration can be as close as the label on your favourite bottle of wine.

Eye popping gecko fact. Geckos see color in the dark. These optical clever clogs also automatically correct blurred images.

Face the music

I turn up the volume when I work and when I work out. Fortunately for my fellow gym bodies I’m wearing headphones. However, nothing can save them from the odd forgetful blast of my completely tone-deaf singing.

Design insight Dance, sweat and work to the beat of your own drum. Don’t let your own or others’ occasional endearingly idiotic moves faze you.

Tuneful gecko fact – Geckos are not music snobs but high volumes can hurt their ears. They’ve been known to respond to rap and fall for folk.


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